Adrenal health


The adrenal glands are the organs that are located at the upper side of kidneys. The outer parts of adrenal glands are called as adrenal cortex that helps in secreting the hormones called corticosteroid that contains cortisol in it. It is responsible for controlling the metabolism of the body and control inflammation. It is also responsible for keeping proper blood pressure of the body. The inner part of adrenal glands are called adrenal medulla which secretes hormones known as adrenaline and non-adrenaline that is responsible for controlling and regulating stress. When it secretes the hormones, the heart rate and blood flow of the body is increased and it creates a flow of glucose in the blood. This mechanism is helpful while having an adrenal rush that means a person gets an instant flow of energy when they go through a flight or fight situation that needs high energy flow. Learn more about Adrenal Health with Apple Wellness.

Adrenal fatigue is the term that is caused because of having adrenal rush over and over again. This is caused by the regular diet and way of lifestyle that is adopted by the person. Whenever we go through any type of chronic stress or issue, our adrenal glands fire the hormones instantly and for long time. This makes the adrenal glands loosen their capability of performing their work resourcefully and this result in limited discharge of corticosteroid hormones. This is responsible for chronic fatigue and improper functioning of immune system. It also leads to inflammation and many other symptoms of adrenal fatigue. dog sitter miami

If your adrenal takes too much of neglect, it leads to adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue happens because of mistreatment with the adrenal glands that lead to improper functioning of adrenal organs. This I referred as adrenal fatigue. It is presently a new diagnosis in the era of optional medication and modern updated technology. Most of the doctors fail to recognize the health problem that leads to adrenal fatigue. It is one of the problems that is really very genuine and can lead to many other issues. Well, if you are willing to recover from the problem all you need to do is to follow some great dietary supplements and food as well as modify your lifestyle completely. You can diagnose the problem of adrenal fatigue if you body starts showing the following types of symptoms:

  • Loss of energy all through the day
  • The person feels weak even in getting out of his bed
  • Problems in proper functioning of thyroid glands
  • Failure in losing excess weight
  • Loss of libido which can even drop to zero
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness while standing which is one of the major symptoms of adrenal fatigue
  • Excess desire to eat salty and sugary food
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mental tiredness
  • Loss of immunity

There are several circumstances that often pave the way for adrenal fatigue. There are some frequent causes of adrenal fatigue that must be recovered as soon as possible to ensure adrenal health. It leads to emotional stress, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, change in lifestyle and many more.